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A general description of stuff to look for when examining a bench plane is listed under the 3 smoother. This stuff is applicable to all Stanley bench planes, and comes from my observances of literally hundreds, if not thousands, of these planes. It never has a number cast on it, nor was it ever provided a lateral adjustment lever. The plane always has a solid brass nut for the iron’s depth adjustment. They are cute little planes that look sorta neat on a mantle, or on top of your TV, which is probably a better place for them than in your shop due to their value. Every serious collector of old tools wants one of these little monkeys, which makes the cost of owning one rather steep.

Cutter Box No 3 With 11 Cutters Stanley No 55 Combination Plane Lid NICE slitter

Leave a comment Our last Metro Retro Made featured the restoration of a unique, stubby handled brush. In the same purchase, I also found a nice looking spokeshave. Spoke shaves work a lot like hand planes, but instead of pushing the blade forward, the blade is drawn towards you. This allows for very light, precise curls on cylindrical or organic shaped stock. This spokeshave looked like it had been used for a period of time but was stored in some pretty rusty bins for a while.

The Stanley Model Bailey® Smoothing Plane is a fine general-purpose bench plane. It has a cast-iron base with precision-ground sides and /4″ long bottom. It features a fully machined and polished double-iron cutter and lever, and the 2″ wide cutter is made from hardened, tempered steel for durability.

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This section talks you through some easy ways to identify the date. This page is dedicated to discussing general ways of aging a group of planes. Any individual tool date identifying points will be discussed on its respective tool page.

Mar 02,  · Rapier hand plane Showing of 7 messages. Rapier hand plane: Tom Brown: still wondering about the saw blades being ok to cut up into plane blades! riemer. Rapier hand plane: John Horobin: 3/2/01 PM > cap is a polished chrome and is more substantial than my stanley’s all > mine needed was a bit of cleaning and a good sharpening.

Back to my old house page. This page and the next two reproduce a section of an old Ohio Tool Company Catalogue listing wooden planes. The planes here are fairly typical of the planes made by a number of makers, though in earlier times a wider variety would have been available than are listed in this catalogue dating from early in the twentieth century. The pages are handy both as a reference to Ohio Tool Company offerings and prices, but also for learning the names for various common profiles.

The Ohio Tool Company was relatively large manufacturer of both wooden and cast iron planes, as well as other tools, doing business in the 19th and early 20th Century. While not as good at employing or buying up innovators, they manufactured many of the same sorts of planes as Stanley did. In addition and unlike Stanley, they manufactured many wooden bodied planes, including moulding planes, sash planes and plow planes.

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Stanley 4 1/2 Plane

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Stanley #7 & 7C Jointer Planes Stanley #8 & 8C Jointer Planes Given in the next section is a table of detailed information for each plane in the set as well as links to pictures of same.

Second, they feel great in your hand, though some may prefer the closed handle, others may feel the open handle has more space for large hands. Third, they have a nice weight – heavy enough so they get some inertia going, but not so heavy that they are tiring to use, at least the smoothers. Fourth, in terms of performance, they work really well. I don’t have bedrocks, so I can’t compare, but from what I have read, a well tuned Lee Valley, Lie Nielson, Stanley Bedrock, or Clifton with a sharp blade will perform as well as an infill with a sharp blade, but that as the blade edge looses its sharpness, the infill’s performance will stay quite high while the others will start to decline quicker.

There are a number of conflicting theories to justify the performance: Typically, an infill is equipped with a parallel or gauged iron that is many times thicker than a Stanley, and the cap iron likewise is much thicker than the stock Stanley leading to less chatter.

Common/Uncommon Type Breakdown

Currently there are 13 quality Bedrock planes most of them are the flat top sides version. Most of the planes have their original cutting irons and all are nearly full length blades and none of my planes have a repair. None of the rosewood knobs or totes have a repair or broken parts. Also you will find several Stanley special planes like the Stanley no. This booth contains over 40 truly rare planes and over 25 sweetheart planes manufactured between and

The plane on the left is an early model Stanley #10 rabbet plane, and is a variation that would add considerably to its value over a later version #10 or 10 1/2 rabbit plane. They are the size of a standard #4 plane, but have the cut out sides to make them rabbit planes.

What I want to know is how to identify different hand planes to know what I have and if they have any special uses. Much like grfrazee discusses in his answer I’m afraid there isn’t a good comprehensive site for all of these, so you’ll have to do some research on your own for some of the lesser-known makers. So that way if you see a plane you can get an idea of its purpose and know whether or not you need it in your collection.

Again, this list is not meant to be extensive as there are many other types and some specialty types. The webpage Patrick’s Blood and Gore covers them more then we ever could in this format. Block These planes are smaller in size Not to be confused with finger planes which are even smaller and many can be worked with one hand. They specialize in end grain. Jack Hopefully it is safe to say that this would be one of the most common plane type you will run into.

The “Jack of all trades” plane is what you would picture when you think of a plane. Metal ones should have a knob and a tote handle and the body would hide the plane iron inside as supposed to something like a rabbet plane. Wooden one might not have a knob but would be about the same length. They are also shorter than a jointer plane but tend to be larger than the smoother.

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Introduction We own and operate the antique sales website www. It is one of the largest and best known sources for antique tools on the internet. We are currently selling antique tools that originate from a collection that numbered over 15, antique tools before the original owner died and left the task of disbursing it to his heirs. If you are looking to buy vintage and antique tools please visit that site.

Feb 28,  · stanley plane irons. Entirely are lapped on the And our Cryogenically tempered A2 blades will hold an adjoin All are VII farsighted and bequeath fit of Henry M. Stanley Tools service of process Parts Cutters Blades Irons Caps and Screws.

Bench Planes Bench planes include smoothing, jack, fore and jointer planes. The metal bench planes more often go by the Stanley numbering system, Numbers Wooden bench planes are more often referred to by their old smoothing, jack, fore and jointer plane nomenclature. Either way, they basically describe a set of planes ranging in size from about 9 inches to 24 plus inches in length.

These would correspond to the Stanley Nos 3 though 8. Stanley 1 and 2 size are so small as to be considered useless and are mostly sought after by collectors since they are rare. For old metal planes, pre-WWII vintage is usually considered to be the best. After WWII, woodworking machines became cheap enough for home hobbyist to purchase and the market for hand planes shrunk as did the quality of their manufacture. There has been a resurgence of modern hand plane manufacturers such as Lie-Nielsen and Veritas which I term premium planes.

Stanley Planes Model Number Reference

All have single-graded cuts which were probably produced by use of a chisel and then hardened using powdered antler or horn, a practice described by Theophilus. Other Types of Tools There are a few types of tools for which we do not have surviving examples in the archaeological record. However, workshop debris and literary references provide additional clues. Pole Lathe Diagram of a Pole Lathe We know that the Viking Age woodcrafter had access to a medieval type of “power tool” which is known today as a pole lathe.

A pole lathe is a simple wood turning lathe which is itself made of wood.

Examples include rabbet planes, plow planes, shoulder planes, tongue & groove planes, router planes, etc. MOULDING PLANES A moulding plane (or “molding” plane) is a wood plane that is used for cutting decorative profiles on a board.

Experience th e joy of quality tools for sharpening and the results produced. Tips about Sharpening, Tuning and maintenance of sharpening equipment. Please let me know if you have any problems with the shopping cart. For angles in between, the fence locks in place with a gyratory handle. The sound of a finely tuned plane taking off shavings less than a thou. Of all the tools available to woodworkers, Planes and Chisels are probably the only ones that are not ready to go, right out of the box.

Even high-ticket brands need honing before they are used, older Planes need more work. Diamond Plates for rough and medium, Waterstones for medium to fine to a super fine mirror finish. Grades from Soft through Hard, Translucent and Black. Note that Translucent is the Rarest but Black is the Finest.

Plane – Spares

Saturday, April 11, Sargent tools If you have been reading my posts by now you should have some ideas of my favorite tools. Let me now introduced you to the Sargent tools, manufactured between and Another good reference for collectors is the book by David Heckel. This is my coffee stained copy: They too made similar metallic plane based on Stanley designs, but they also came up with some of their unique twist on some design One of my favorite, go to block plane as long been my model with a knuckle cap design.

It is a solid performer which fit in my hand just right.

Stanley 45 planes are in big demand by woodworkers today, and in this author’s opinion, they are undervalued considering that reproduction models cost about twice the current price of a vintage, good user quality Stanley No

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Metro Retro Made | Stanley No. 64 Spokeshave

The key is finding out what Type of Stanley plane you have. About twenty years ago Roger K Smith wrote a Type Study on the different features of Stanley planes through the years. Below is one of the links.

These pages are cast into working planes, date: the model numbers of the frog. Join date, which does not work for no. , date or application date: may ; location: the same vintage. Tool transitional planes. The stanley bedrock planes, date, cutter, date, notes. These pages are .

The plane is made of three main sections: Body Sliding Section Fence The body is the central part of the plane to which everything is connected including the housing of the chosen plane blade. The body of the plane is fitted with a Rosewood rear handle and Rosewood front knob. The sliding section which sits between the body and the fence, is used to support the wider plane blades in order to help prevent chatter. The sliding section can be adjusted if required by sliding it along the arms and locking it in position with the thumb screws.

This may require moving the fence first if the fence is positioned close to the sliding section. The fence is used to guide the plane along at an equal distance from the edge of the piece of wood being planed.

Stanley’s cute little #1 hand plane- What was it for, and why’s it so rare?

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