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After all, training to be the most megalomaniacal meanie ever takes a certain dedication. And then there’s all that investment in diabolical contraptions and dastardly thingamajigs. It’s not like he can just put that lot up on eBay and get his money back. But, hey, when it’s right … it’s right. And Gru—the former supervillain who once swiped the moon and left the world screaming while he postured and mwoohahaed—has come to grips with the fact that he’s really a softy down deep. He’s an average, bald-headed mastermind who simply loves being a dad to three completely adorable adopted daughters.


The film wasn’t even the only supervillain animation to hit the theaters that year, but it did one-up its rival Megamind both in critical acclaim and commercial success. Now, the original film’s creative team returns with Despicable Me 2, continuing the adventures of former supervillain-cum-adopted father Gru, his precocious daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes, and his little, yellow, nonsense-spouting minions.

Following closely on the first film’s heels this film gratifyingly puts a premium on continuity , the now-retired Gru is settling into his new paternal role, and while the spikier parts of his personality remain, he’s reshaped himself into an adoring father and potential purveyor of jams and jellies. When an evil plot threatens the globe, however, Gru finds himself pulled back into the supervillain game by the Anti-Villain League, who’ve recruited him to be the hero, an ersatz spy who knows how the mystery bad guy thinks.

One earnest and delightfully overbearing partner introduction later, the pair Gru and newbie AVL agent Lucy Wilde, played by Kristen Wiig are undercover as bakers in a strip mall where the bad guy’s scheme is likely to go down.

Despicable Me 2 Giant 40ft inflatable MINION rolls down city street forcing shocked drivers to swerve out of the way The massive yellow creature, star of the Despicable Me and Minions films.

Race with the Minions in the award-winning, fan-favorite runner, Minion Rush! Run as fast as you can while jumping, dodging, rolling and knocking Minions off the track in despicably action-packed levels. Rush to collect Bananas and play exciting Special Missions to increase your score as you enjoy unexpected Minion moments.

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‘Despicable Me 3’ finds a loopy series finally running out of gas

With their comedic antics and nonsensical conversations, it wasn’t hard to get attached to the little yellow guys. However, “Despicable Me 3” is about to show another side of them that will provide fans with a little more information on how their relationship with Gru works. Promotional picture for “Despicable Me 3. She has become the adoptive mother of the girls and has since been part of the family.

Considering that this is the first time that Gru’s life is going the way he wants it to, the minions have decided to give him a break by letting him live out the good life. However, they have their limits and pretty soon, they get frustrated with Gru’s apparent lack of involvement in the villain world.

Aug 14,  · “Despicable Me 2” simply isn’t ready to deal with something so emotionally complicated, so it gives us the perfect fairy-tale rom-com version. Lucy is accepted immediately by the girls, and expresses no qualms about changing her whole life to become part of Gru’s.

All you need to know is that Gru Steve Carell is a former dastardly doer of evil deeds on a planetary scale. He glories in his responsibilities toward his three spirited fillies, and the littlest one, Agnes, can melt his heart with the bat of an eyelash. But, of course, this domestic bliss is not to go unchallenged. Evil forces are at work in the world, and Gru is recruited to counteract them on account of his super villain skills he stole the moon, but as Gru is quick to remind everyone: When they become partners in anti-crime, Gru is too frozen in his bad childhood memories of playground rejection and humiliation by girls to even entertain the thought of asking Lucy out.

Speaking of dating, the eldest girl, Margot, is getting sweet on a boy, and all the fiery Papa Grizzly in Gru comes out to hilarious effect, of course. Sister Helena Burns, fsp belongs to the Daughters of St.

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Despicable Me 2 () While Gru, the ex-supervillain is adjusting to family life and an attempted honest living in the jam business, a secret Arctic laboratory is stolen. The Anti-Villain League decides it needs an insider’s help and recruits Gru in the investigation. Together with the eccentric AVL agent, Lucy Wilde, Gru concludes that his prime suspect is the presumed dead supervillain, El.

While the original film is still my favorite of the series, Despicable Me 2 certainly holds its own and reminds us why we love this cute little story about a man who just wants to be a great dad to his three girls. Not to mention, it is a film that is for kids and adults. He has also turned his evil laboratory into a jam-making facility, leaving Dr.

Nefario Russell Brand in charge of concocting a tasty recipe. The girls try to sign him up for online dating, but he is reluctant to put himself out there after a childhood full of rejection. For example, they are less concerned about a small car robbery and more concerned about the pyramids being stolen. The AVL is currently investigating which super-villain stole a purple substance that transforms nice animals and possibly minions into nasty purple-colored eating machines.

When the League tracks the villain to a mall, it is up to Gru and Lucy to assimilate with fellow store owners and figure out which one has the potion. Even in animated movies, the two show they are comedic geniuses. While Carell and Wiig were awesome, the best part of this film is the minions. They are hilarious little creatures that give as many laughs to kids as they do adults.

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Hd 2 years ago Ver online Gru 2. Mi Villano Favorito online de forma gratuita con calidad HD tambien llamada Despicable Me 2 por el titulo original, Aqui es donde puedes ver muchas mas peliculas online del , El ultimo trailer de la pelicula Gru 2. Estamos a la espera de tus comentarios y recomendaciones Gru 2.

Movie Review: ‘Despicable Me 2’ Though we do not usually go to see the latest “family movie” on opening weekends, I did take my wife and children to see “Despicable Me 2.” I had the disadvantage of having not seen the first movie, so I had no emotional attachment or background information on .

Gru teams up with secret agent Lucy Wilde Kristen Wiig to track down a villain attempting to destroy the world. Gru must get into touch with his inner villain if he has any hope of defeating this ruthless mastermind, even though all he wants to do is settle down with his kids and make jam and jelly on the side. Things get tricky as his Minions start disappearing and he has a horrible flashback to his childhood. He also starts falling for the Fiery Redhead Lucy. Minions 2 is scheduled to be released on July 3, Another sequel, titled Despicable Me 3 , was released on June 30, Despicable Me 2 provides examples of: Nefario’s years of service with a 21 fart gun salute although one of the minions makes it Averted with Lucy’s business card that features a real working phone number that, when actually dialed, goes to her voicemail.

Less ‘Despicable,’ still funny

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Despicable Me 2. During Agnes’ birthday party, Edith wearing the ninja suit, she performs a number of stunts. When Edith finishes drawing she ask Gru when he is going out on his date and if he is scared of dating. Gru answers that he is not scared of dates or women (despite evidence to the contrary) and bids the girls goodnight.

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Mail icon Happily, one sequel doesn’t take itself too seriously: Sure, it visits the same ground as the monster hit, which to date has earned more than half a billion dollars worldwide. And yeah, the jokes, digital-effects wizardry, and visual gags will be familiar to fans of the first. When we last saw Gru, he had given up villainy – of either the super or minor kind – to take care of his three adopted daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. We learn that Gru and his best friend, the ancient and remarkably decrepit Dr.

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A simpering blonde neighbor Jillian Nasim Pedrad sends him out on a date with one of her desperate housewife friends. This overexercised, puffy-lipped creature is voiced by the great Kristen Schaal, which made me hope for a second date, despite how badly the first one goes. His adopted daughters even join in the dating game, creating an online dating profile for him.

Lost in a Western Myth Gru is recruited for a mission involving teaming up with Lucy for undercover work at a local mall where a supervillain is supposedly hiding in plain sight, preparing some nefarious plot involving a toxic serum that turns even the sweetest puppy into a killing machine. Much of her dialogue is almost without affect and you can picture the actress behind the character at that point, mumbling those droll little asides on Saturday Night Live. I saw the movie in 3-D, which generally speaking I can take or leave but prefer to leave, given the extra expense.

But Despicable Me 2 makes expert use of it; stay for the end credits, which are fabulous and give rise to the hope that the upcoming release Minions may be a worthy spin-off. Not when the Minions are around. She is the author of a memoir about untraditional parenthood. It was made into a short-lived television comedy where everything turned out traditionally. The True Tale of a Happy Single Mother is available for nearly nothing at various online bookstores and from boxes in Pols’ barn.

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moviesub: While Gru, the ex-supervillain is adjusting to family life and an attempted honest living in the jam business, a secret Arctic laboratory is stolen. The Anti-Villain League decides it needs an insider’s help and recruits Gru in the investigation. Together with the eccentric AVL agent, Lucy Wilde, Gru concludes that his prime suspect is the presumed dead supervillain, El Macho, whose.

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However, this film is an absolute treasure and honestly one of the funniest films I have ever seen. Whoever wrote the scenario was a genius! In this film, Gru is a little bit different than what he was in the first film. He is no longer so grumpy, mean, petty and permanently aggravated.

The post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Just in time for the holidays, bring home Despicable Me 3 Special Edition with an all-new mini-movie, Minion moments, and more! The Blu-ray & DVD release date of December 5 makes it the perfect movie to wrap up for the kids this Christmas!

Miss Media Junkie’s commentary, reviews, meta, and ramblings on watching movies and TV. Wednesday, August 14, “Despicable Me 2” – Minions Need Moms “Monsters University” is nearly gone from theaters, nobody wanted to see “Turbo,” and I was not going to pay full price for tickets to “Planes” or “Smurfs 2. This is not a proper review of the movie, but I’ll give you a short, spoiler-free one up front. I liked the original, and the sequel is a clear step down, pushing Gru Steve Carrell and his girls into a formula rom-com, that occasionally remembers the main characters are supposed to be foiling a mysterious villain and saving the world.

Fortunately the little yellow minions get a lot of screen time, and they’re plenty of fun. I’m glad they’ll be ditching Gru entirely for their own movie in the near future. All in all, “Despicable Me 2” is a pretty slapdash, though well-intentioned venture, and I couldn’t help spending most of the running time thinking of ways that PIXAR or Dreamworks could have done the whole thing better.

Despicable Me 2 – Clip: “Jillian Shows Up at Gru’s House with a Potential Date” – Illumination

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